Which big companies are using react-native?

Most developers believe that native applications are the way to go when it comes to creating smartphone apps.

However, in 2015, Facebook saw the opportunity for a mobile-based React-based application and developed React Native to help companies develop cross-platform applications.

React Native is the first application to execute on the promise of cross-platform native app development truly. While it is fairly recent, businesses and start-ups of diverse sizes and sectors have already been successfully used.

Stated, React Native incorporates the benefits of native and hybrid applications. On average, iOS and Android versions of the same software share 60–70 percent of the codebase, which greatly speeds up the development process. At the end of that, there’s a native user interface.

Below are few examples of the React Native app.

  1. Facebook — React Native Creators
    For obvious purposes, Facebook needs to be listed first. React Native was developed by this social media giant during one of their hackathons and is the key force behind this framework's creation.
    The aim was to bring web creation benefits, such as fast iterations, to mobile application development. Originally, React Native was included in the iOS edition of the Facebook app, but now includes Android UI. The notion of making one React developer team instead of two has played a major role.
    React Native-based portions of the software are continuously being optimized.


Nowadays, mobile app creation is a given for almost any company that hopes for long-term success. But the old question is whether to render a native app or a cross-platform app?
React Native offers companies the ability to build smartphone applications differently from what they felt was possible a decade earlier. You can create native applications, but you can stick to only one programming language: JavaScript.
Many businesses have used this difference to their favor, and in exchange, instead of losing efficiency and functionality, have made great enhancements to both ends. However, such improvement cannot be rendered without the support of skilled developers.

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